Marky Ramone’s Revolutionary Solution to Live Show Brats

In this incredible video, writer Alex Scordelis and director Jake Fogelnest show us a cure to maybe the most common illness to affect club-goers across the planet. Everyone has experienced it – including legendary Marky Ramone (Official Marky Ramone site). We’re talking about the jerks with the big smartphone, trying to take a video or photo of the show right in front of you, with the brightness set for “high nuclear” level.

You see them all the time. You’re rockin out to the band, feeling close to the crowd of like-minded attendees around you, then BAM – it happens. The jerk pulls out their big-ass smartphone, and starts recording. It blocks your view enough to literally force your eyes to now watch the concert THROUGH the stinkin 4″ screen (well, 6″ now!), like a lame jiggly television, rather than truly experience a live band. TRAVESTY! Yes we know…. and evidently so does Marky.

With his classic deadpan delivery, Marky Ramone shows us some revolutionary technology (ahem) to combat this problem – and it works perfectly. Follow his advice, and you’ll save your friends from the bright-phone-from-hell problem, and also give you a great bar fight story the next day to post on your social network. You’ll be the rockstar, but be sure to thank Marky.

And for your continued audiovisual pleasure, we’ve just got to include some classic and appropriate Ramones here too. 1234!

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