Questlove Releases Documentary Film of Cuba Trip

The incredible Questlove (official facebook website) is at his filmmaking again. With his knack for bridging musical roots (pun intended) with a documentary maker’s discourse, Questlove is on to the next frontier – CUBA. On a musical and cultural mission, he and a small crew went to Cuba and explored record stores, hang outs, open air markets, back streets, and concert halls. In search of the classic cuban recordings, his travels took him to the legendary EGREM studios, where most of the classic cuban album sessions were recorded.

The footage got laced together in to a possibly-coherent storyline, and now he’s released a short documentary style piece. The directors include Jauretsi and Daniel Petruzzi, and we’re sure they had a good time editing out unsuitable shenanigan footage. Check out the film and see what you think – ready for a trip to the previously forbidden island?


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