Amy Winehouse Film Trailer Released

Amy Winehouse (official website) is a lost treasure to many fans. Always controversial, she could deliver words and music that were a cut above the best. In a new feature film documentary project, we’ll get to see and hear more from this powerful artist. Titled simply “AMY”, the film is not without controversy itself. The late singer’s family has openly expressed their disdain for the portrayal of Amy’s character and fights with her own demons. They issued a press statement not long ago to make their stance known before the film is released.

But the filmmakers, and director Asif Kapaida, have continued to express their respect and reverence for Amy’s life and talents as a performer, so the fans have been waiting to see how the treatment really turns out. Now we get a full trailer for the movie that will be released in July. Check it out and see if you think it will be celebrating her life, or condemning her lifestyle.


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