Shawn Wasabi Shocks with Live Performance of “Marble Soda”

Shawn Wasabi  (official Facebook page) is a magician with a MIDI controller. Here we bring you his live performance of “Marble Soda”, and it’s simply amazing to watch. If you have not seen a performer using a table-top controller to play samples and sequences for a song, you’ve got to check this video out. His fingers are flying, and the sounds and sights are a delightful jam to enjoy.

According to Shawn, he is using a Midi Fighter 64 controller (custom built by Michael Mitchell). Plugging it into the Ableton Live 9 app, his gives us a little behind-the-scenes by explaining that the  bottom left button triggers full sound banks, the 4 buttons on the bottom right trigger sounds inside those banks, and all the other color-coded candy tappers trigger individual sounds directly. Seems incredible to watch him use it, but hey, that’s what we get for kids brought up on video game controllers and their glitch-driven beat soundtracks. Kudos to Shawn.


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