Tame Impala’s Album “Currents” Tracks

The Australian rockers Tame Impala has an upcoming album release planned under the title “Currents”. The band has released two tracks from the album so far, and they are very different animals. Fans have been waiting for almost 3 years for new material from these guys, and it looks like they are finally getting their reward.

They recently broke a second track from the album, titled “Cause I’m A Man”. This track, unlike the first song they released, is sure to get some rapid adoption and radio play, considering it’s straight-ahead single oriented format, and it’s ability to get dance legs moving. Check out “Cause I’m a Man” in the video above.

Tame impala

Before this new track, they first broke news of their new album with the epically long track “Let It Happen”. The song made a splash with critics and long time fans, but left some new listeners scratching their heads due to it’s not-so-radio-friendly format. Listen to that one here:

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