Belle and Sebastian Launch Unreleased “Paper Boat”

Belle and Sebastian (website), the Scottish indie pop band, has a new release out and music video to go with it. “What?” you ask? “They are not even together anymore?!”  Good catch, reader, this is true. But member Stuart David has evidently spearheaded some archival digging, and came out with some fun footage of the band in it’s earlier days romping around lakes and forests on vacation. To go with those visuals, there is an unreleased song titled “Paper Boat” that was recorded around 1998. It’s a real treat for longtime B&S fans, and could just take you down memory road, or memory river, if you’re in the mood.

Word is that there will be a new book published by David, essentially his musings and stories of the early days touring as the band. It’s set to hit the shelves in early May, so stay tuned for that summer reading bliss.



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